Leadership 2020 – Apprentice Circle

The Apprentice Circle is a brand new program designed to help Leadership 2020 graduates and past participants take their leadership to the next level and apply their learning directly to their workplaces and communities. While other Leadership 2020 programs are focused on the development of personal leadership capacity, the Apprentice Circle empowers participants to translate that learning into action in a way that contributes to a strategic priority or initiative within their sponsoring organization.

Create change, create a legacy

Participants are encouraged to work with their supervisors to identify a project, program, or change initiative that will be the focus of their work during the Apprentice Circle program—what we’re calling a community impact project. 

Participants will then receive one-on-one coaching, focused learning and practice during two in-person residencies, the ongoing support of their Apprentice Circle peer network, and 10 months of bi-weekly webinar sessions with experts, change makers, and the Leadership 2020 hosting team all working to guide and inform their community impact project toward success.

Participants will also have the opportunity to apprentice with the Leadership 2020 hosting team to become a host of a future Leadership 2020 cohort.