We’re Smart & We Get A Lot Done

The Federation of Community Social Services of BC represents a fast-growing membership of over 140 agencies who provide support to individuals and communities in BC. Our member agencies span the entire province and offer a broad range of services to communities, people living with physical and mental challenges, vulnerable children, youth and seniors, new immigrants, people living with addictions or mental health issues, and those living in poverty.

Since 1982, we’ve been strengthening and supporting our members and BC’s community services sector by networking, exchanging information, building skills, and consistently bringing a balanced perspective to discussions with provincial and national decision makers.

Altogether better

It’s more than just a slogan. It’s the philosophy that guides our organization. It’s the call to action that guides our work. It’s the strength of our partnerships. It’s what inspires and empowers our member organizations to make BC a better place to live and it’s a steadfast commitment to informed and passionate social services.

Engagement & Advocacy

We’re a strong representative voice at the provincial government level. We bring forward issues and concerns, as well as possible solutions, on behalf of our members, their clients, and the broader community services sector. We engage in collaborative action with our allies and partners to overcome challenges and improve community practice, programs, and public policy in BC.

Research & Networking

We connect the dots between ideas, research, and practices from around the world. We bring people together to share ideas, collaborate, and push innovation. Members, network partners, government, and other key stakeholders rely on us to provide accurate, current, and useful information about issues facing our sector. Our network includes not only our members but also governments, universities, other non-profits, and Aboriginal and First Nations organizations. We value and are extremely proud of these connections.

Services & Programs

Our board members and staff team have an unparalleled depth of knowledge about the field of community social services. Our services and programs inform, inspire, educate, and support the people and organizations that in turn support children, youth, adults, and families in communities throughout BC. We track sector issues, translate important research, uncover new and promising practices.

We do all this so that our members can deliver services of the highest quality, grounded in the best practices. Together we are working to develop a vibrant and sustainable community social services sector in BC. That’s what the people of BC deserve.

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