Regional Meetings & Member Info

The Regional Meetings are a place for sharing and learning—about our decolonization efforts, Federation advocacy, emerging issues, engagement efforts—and also a place where we introduce and welcome new Federation members to colleagues in their region.

Regional Directors host regional meetings for Federation members three times a year, in between and just prior to the general meetings. Regional directors often invite MCFD staff to speak and answer questions from Federation members. When members express an interest or need in other areas, meetings have also included guests from CLBC, MSDPR, and other bodies.

Federation staff (Executive Director and/or Director of Programs and Services) will also attend to give updates on Federation activities. After meetings, Regional Directors flag issues of importance to share with The Federation Board and staff team—particularly if there is follow-up or advocacy required.

All regional meetings are currently being held via Zoom, but we may consider in-person based on the requests of membership. Participation information will be emailed to members prior to each regional meeting.