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Changes happen quickly in our sector. Check this space for Weekly Updates from our Executive director, news releases, issue tracking, and posts from our leadership blog.

National Indigenous Peoples Day

This Sunday is National Indigenous Peoples Day. Normally at this time, we would be sharing various events and celebrations that are taking place around the province. This year, we will all have to take a slightly different approach—re-thinking what it means to celebrate during a pandemic, re-learning the oft-ignored history of this country, and responding […]

COVID-19 Going Forward: Key Pieces of Information for Members

Early on in the COVID-19 state of emergency, The Federation team decided that one of the best ways we could serve our members and the community social services sector as a whole would be to facilitate the flow of information, updates, and resources to and from organizations in the sector. We know there is a […]

Learning Opportunities for Members

The Federation supports our members and strengthens BC’s community social services sector through advocacy and outreach, networking, exchanging information, and consistently bringing a balanced perspective to discussions with provincial and national decision-makers. Doing all of that requires that we stay in constant communication with our members—both providing them with up-to-date resources and information and listening […]

COVID-19 and Kids (and a survey)

Over the past few weeks, we have been getting more information about how COVID-19 is affecting children in particular. The slides from Dr. Behn Smith’s presentation during the MCFD Town Hall for residential service providers can be viewed here. They contain helpful insights and information. You can also view a recording of the presentation here. […]

Going Forward: Plans, Approaches, and Considerations

Last week, Premier Horgan announced the measured approach that BC will be taking as our province moves forward in its ongoing response to COVID-19. This approach aims to balance vital population health goals—saving lives by protecting the most vulnerable and preventing the health care system from being overwhelmed—with the need to get people safely back […]

On getting through this together

As the Federation Board President, I find myself in a unique position during these complex times. I am both the Executive Director of a community organization and part of the team helping to guide The Federation’s strategic direction. Aided by the voices of our membership and a board of directors informed by their own roles […]

Projects & Issues Update: COVID-19, Roundtable, MCFD Services HUB

From the beginning of this public health crisis, we have been very aware that the community social services sector is responding in ways that we may not have expected or been prepared for. The sustainability of our sector has been a central focus of The Federation’s work for many years and it is very important […]

On knowing how to the right thing…

The past few weeks have been especially challenging and stressful for everyone involved in BC’s community social services sector. Two weeks ago, our Executive Director wrote about the many ways that BC’s community social services sector is being called on to support those in need, maintain emotional and social wellness, and care for those who […]

Working from Home, Parenting & Wellness Resources

Among the many, many changes we have all experienced in recent weeks, some are easier to get used to than others. Most of us find ourselves working from home and parenting in the midst of an unprecedented public health emergency. So while we keep up with policy changes and government guidelines, we also wanted to […]

Projects & Issues Update: COVID-19, Labour Market Research, HR Strategy, Research

The Federation team talks a lot about how interconnected our work is—how our leadership development work is also related to our recruitment and retention work and how our commitment to reconciliation and resurgence is also very much about the strength and sustainability of the sector. And this interconnected nature of our work remains during these […]