Applied Promising Practices

Improving child and family practice across BC

The Applied Promising Practices (APP) initiative supports the identification, implementation, and evaluation of child and family practices that are supported by both academic research and first-hand knowledge and experience. This ongoing work reflects The Federation’s commitment to innovation, research, and service quality.

A “promising practice” is an activity, strategy, service, or program that shows effectiveness in small-scale interventions and has the potential to inform and improve service delivery on a larger scale. These examples are identified and supported by a community of practice, led and supported by The Federation. These APP teams collect practice-based knowledge, academic research, and quickly develop and distribute a framework for expanding these successful interventions across the province.

The goal of each APP project is to enhance service delivery to community members in British Columbia. The longer-term objective of this work is to support the development of organizational cultures that value evidence-based service delivery and continuous quality improvement within human service organizations. The APP initiative strives to:

  • Identify, implement, and evaluate promising practices that are relevant to diverse BC contexts
  • Increase organizational capacity to collect and analyze data from ongoing service delivery
  • Increase the use of quality improvement processes for ongoing enhancement of service delivery
  • Increase the adoption and integration of promising practices in community social services organizations through the timely distribution of emerging knowledge to front line practitioners and program leaders.

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