Issues & Advocacy

With a volunteer board, a small staff team, and many issues to address, we choose our areas of focus carefully. These decisions are based on our member’s feedback, consultation with our partners and allies in the sector, and analysis of the potential impact and the alignment with our values and strategic priorities.

At times we will take the lead on an issue. At other times we offer support to another organization better suited to the work required. And we are in constant communication with the organizations we have formal partnerships with to ensure our advocacy efforts are coordinated and efficient.

Some of these issues only demand our attention for a limited time. Others, like our commitment to an improved system of care for children and youth in care, have been a constant focus since the inception of The Federation.

On this page…

  • Wages and Compensation in the Community Social Services Sector
  • Recruitment and Retention in the Community Social Services Sector
  • Childcare Resource and Referral (CCRR)
  • Supports for Young People in Care
  • Reconciliation & Resurgence
  • Community Social Services Health & Safety