Insurance Coverage & Benefits through The Federation

The Federation believes that a strong and sustainable community social services sector must have access to high quality and affordable insurance products. As such, Federation member agencies have access to a suite of insurance programs that provide high quality, comprehensive, and reliable insurance products and services at a reasonable cost. Our insurance providers deliver excellent service to members and tailor coverage to agency and employee needs.

Federation members and sector partners can purchase insurance programs through our providers at Schmunk Gatt Smith and Associates (Health, Dental, and Disability Insurance) or Megson FitzPatick Insurance (General Insurance). Doing so helps benefit The Federation’s financial operations—enabling us to do even more work advocating for and improving BC’s social care sector.

For information on accessing Insurance Products through The Federation as a non-member, check out our Benefit Affiliate Program below or contact The Federation office.

Event Sponsorship

The Federation is thankful for our partnerships with both insurance providers—Schmunk Gatt Smith and Associates & Megson FitzPatick Insurance—and for their ongoing support of our conferences and provincial gatherings and their hosting of the popular networking receptions at these events. They truly understand what it means to be Altogether better.

Benefit Affiliate Program

Community social services organizations who are not members of The Federation and who wish to purchase insurance products may be eligible to do so through our Benefits Affiliate Program. Contact The Federation office for more information.