Leadership 2020

Building Capacity. Addressing complexity. Inspiring Change.

Leadership 2020 is The Federation’s custom-built leadership development program. We invite participants from the social services sector, indigenous communities, and the public sector/government who are working to develop their own leadership, who are contributing to social change, and who are building a strong, sustainable sector devoted to equity, justice, and active reconciliation.

Leadership 2020 combines personal experience, cutting-edge research, relevant theory, and participatory approaches to inspire and empower participants. The programs combine in-person residencies, online teaching, and self-directed learning. The content is relevant, iterative, practical, and inspired by the needs of participants who are encouraged to apply what they learn in their day-to-day practice. During the program, participants build a strong community of practice and a network of colleagues and advisors that they can draw upon long after the program finishes.

Strong, participatory leadership is needed in all levels of our organizations and in all areas of our sector in order to make real, lasting change. Through our various leadership programs and special topic initiatives, we are building communities of practice, supporting co-learning and, empowering the future leaders of BC.