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Blended Program

Blended Cohort 1 (2013)

Blended Cohort 2 (2013-14)

Blended Cohort 3 (2015)

Blended Cohort 4 (2015)

Blended Cohort 5 (2015-16)

Blended Cohort 6 (2016)

Indigenous Focus Program

Indigenous Focus Cohort 1 (2013–14)

Indigenous Focus Cohort 2 (2014–15)

Indigenous Focus Cohort 3 (2015–16)

Indigenous Focus Cohort 4 (2016–17)

Pilot Program

Community Cohort (2011)

Meet the Leadership 2020 Hosting Team

Jennifer Charlesworth

Jennifer has worked in the health and human services field for four decades and has held over 15 roles in non-profit, government, academic, philanthropic, and private practice. She co-created the Leadership 2020 program while Executive Director of The Federation and has served as the lead facilitator ever since. Jennifer leads Options Consulting, working within the social and health sectors to support leadership development, strategic development, and social innovation. She is also the Organizational Change lead for InWithForward, a social research and development start-up, and an award-winning teacher and author. Jennifer has a Ph.D. in Child and Youth Care and a Global MBA.

Caitlin Frost

Caitlin Frost is a highly experienced facilitator, leadership trainer, and coach working globally to support individuals, teams, and organizations. She is a committed founding member of the Leadership 2020 team and believes deeply in the power of personal and participatory leadership to transform the ways we engage the complex challenges we face and better serve humanity. Her coaching work focuses on practices that transform limiting beliefs and mindsets to enable people to access their creativity, clear thinking, courage and ability to act wisely in the face of uncertainty, challenges, and change.

Chris Corrigan

Chris is an internationally recognized facilitator, trainer, and writer, focusing on leading edge consultation and conversation methodologies to gather information, build relationships, and create emergent results. Chris has spent much of his professional life working with communities, non-profit organizations, and governments across North America. Chris works extensively with Aboriginal organizations and communities and has participated in cutting-edge work to redesign the child welfare system for Aboriginal children. He is a partner in Harvest Moon Consultants and co-leads Art of Hosting and Beyond the Basics training internationally.

Wedlidi Speck

Wedlidi is a member of the Namgis First Nation of the Kwakwaka’wakw cultural group with cultural connection to the Nuuchanulth and Island K’omoks. He brings extensive cross-cultural training experience, leadership and holds to a strong spirit of collaboration & inclusion in his community work and projects. For more than 18 years, Wedlidi served the John Howard Society as an Aboriginal therapist working with youth and family. He has held the role of Executive Director for the Kwakiutl District Council and Wachiay Friendship Centre. Wedlidi is currently MCFD’s Director of Aboriginal Recruitment and Cultural Safety providing cultural oversight for the Ministry.

Annemarie Travers

Having “graduated” from her long career in social work and adult education, Annemarie Travers brings her diverse skills to areas where she feels she can make a meaningful contribution. Applying life lessons learned through reflection on multiple pilgrimage walks, she welcomes new opportunities and challenges. Annemarie remains fiercely committed to continuing to work collaboratively with the Leadership 2020 supporting the leaders of today and tomorrow, having seen the impact the program has had throughout the child and family service sector. She is currently exploring research on a conscious and positive transition to retirement and is volunteering with the Alzheimer Society.

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