The Community Social Services Training Fund

Purpose and Intention

The intention of the Community Social Services Training Fund (CSSTF) is to disburse grants to organizations delivering community-based social services in British Columbia. This funding will support broad and inclusive training and development efforts that address foundational knowledge and core skill needs—including leadership and management—throughout the community social services sector.

Information about eligibility, how to apply for the funding, and funding amounts available will be coming in Fall 2020!

What’s Happening: Summer/Fall 2020

This one-time funding was announced on August 27th. Interested parties can use the form on this page and sign up to receive updates and new information as it becomes available.

Work currently underway includes:

  • Internal planning including hiring of project team to administer the project.
  • Development of Guiding Charter.
  • Development the project budget.
  • Creation of a panel of impartial individuals with the experience and knowledge to guide the design of the eligibility and evaluation criteria.

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