Community Social Services Technology Fund

Purpose and Intention

BC’s community social services sector experienced significant and unfunded expenses as a result of moving to virtual and remote service-delivery during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Providing safe and accessible supports and services has become more necessary and more challenging than ever before.

The Community Social Services Technology Fund will provide grant funding to community social service organizations to offset the added IT costs of adapting to new ways of working and delivering services. It can also provide grant funding for purchasing laptops, equipment, and covering IT costs related to increasing your clients’ access to virtual supports, learning opportunities, and employment.

Supporting Organizations & Clients

There are two different grant streams an organization may apply for: Support for Organizational Technology and Support for Client Technology. You may apply for both grants streams, and you may be awarded grants for both grant streams. If you decide to apply for both grant streams, you must do so via one combined application. 

The Community Social Services Technology Fund will be governed by an advisory committee and administered by The Federation of Community Social Services of BC.

Applications Are Closed

Applications for the Community Social Services Technology Fund are now closed. Information about fund dispersal and reporting can be found below.


Adapting to Meet Needs

Community social services are continually having to adapt the ways in which they work and deliver services in order to safely support the needs of their staff and their clients. Service demand increases, demographics change, and new approaches become available.

Access to reliable technology not only gives clients better access to services and supports, it also provides community social services organizations with new ways of working with each other and improves coordination and collaboration between organizations, funding bodies, and government partners.