Programs & Projects

Since 1982, we’ve been strengthening and supporting our members and BC’s community services sector by networking, exchanging information, building skills, and by consistently bringing a balanced perspective to discussions with provincial and national decision makers.

Our programs connect the dots between ideas, research, and practices. They support our members, inform policy change, and empower the next generation of community social services workers. Our partners in these efforts include our members, governments, universities, other non-profits, and Aboriginal and First Nations organizations. Check out what we’ve been working on.

Youth Education Bursary

The FCSSBC Youth Education Bursary assists young people that are or have been in care and want to pursue a career in the field of Human and Social Services. Bursaries support students with the financial costs of tuition, books, and supplies for post-secondary academic education. Since 2009, the bursary program has awarded $143,100 in bursaries to 127 recipients. Learn more about our Youth Education Bursary.

Residential Redesign

The Federation, in partnership with the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD), conducted a comprehensive 2-year review of the residential care services available to children and youth in BC. The final report offered 32 recommendations for improving residential care practices in BC. Learn more about our Residential Redesign Project and read the Final Report here.

Insurance Coverage

We believe that strong and sustainable community social services must have access to high quality and affordable insurance products. As such, our member agencies have access to a suite of high quality, comprehensive insurance programs at a reasonable cost. Our insurance providers can also tailor coverage to specific agency and employee needs. Learn more about our insurance products here.

Applied Promising Practices

The Applied Promising Practices (APP) initiative reflects The Federation’s commitment to the constant improvement of community social services in BC. The APP initiative supports the identification, implementation, and evaluation of promising practices by combining the latest academic research with practice-based evidence. Learn more about this initiative and how we empower our members to support their communities.

Research to Practice Network

The Research to Practice Network is a collection of academics and researchers committed to translating the latest research and making it available and applicable for front-line staff. Research to Practice members collaborate with The Federation and help provide the latest information, insight, and relevant research for practitioners serving children and families. Read the latest Research to Practice articles and learn more about the network.

Award for Excellence

The Award for Excellence recognizes the exceptional contributions of an individual, team, or organization in the field of child, family, or community social services. Recipients may be recognized for their outstanding qualities and devotion to the field over a long period of time and/or for their significant and lasting contribution to the field based on work undertaken in a project of a short-term nature. See past recipients and learn more here.