FCSSBC Youth Education Bursary

A career in the social services

Established by Federation members in 2009, the Youth Education Bursary assists young people, ages 30 or younger, that are in or have been in care, and want to pursue a career in the field of human and social services. Bursaries support students with the financial costs of tuition, books, and supplies for post-secondary academic education, training, or upgrading. Since 2009, the bursary program has awarded $296,925 in bursaries to 217 students (as of August 2023).

Youth can apply each year they are in school, and, if eligible, may receive funding each year they apply, as we share a long-term interest in their studies and development into social services professionals. The bursary is available up to a maximum of $2,000 per academic year (two semesters).

“As a former youth in care, I bring my abilities to empathize, treat clients with compassion and dignity, and advocate for their right to make informed decisions for themselves. Moreover, I want children and youth growing up in our foster care systems to see themselves represented in the fields of human services. I want them to know that their biggest dreams are possible, despite all the adversities they will have to overcome to get there.” – 2022 Student