Government Engagement & Advocacy: Get Involved

Since 1982, The Federation has been a strong representative voice for BC’s social care sector. We bring forward issues and concerns—as well as possible solutions—on behalf of our members, their clients, and the broader community services sector. We engage in collaborative action with our allies and partners t ...Read More

What happened at the Social Policy Forum & GM

Thank you to everyone—our members, allies, and partners—who joined us in Victoria last week to participate in The Federation’s 2023 Social Policy Forum. All of you took time from your lives and your work to spend a day thinking and designing ways to better serve some of our most vulnerable young people and th ...Read More

Projects & Issues Update: Compensation, Training & Education, CYSN…

We are well into the new year and, as you may suspect, The Federation remains hard at work on a number of important issues that also demanded our attention through 2022. Our board of directors and staff team are continuing to support you, our members, while also advocating on your behalf acros ...Read More

Youth Education Bursary Applications Open

The Youth Education Bursary is one of the projects that drew me to the Federation. Like many of you, I have had the privilege of walking and working alongside committed, skilled young people who want to use their talents and experiences in the service of others. These youth have taught me to be a better listene ...Read More

Advocacy and Engagement Updates

Procurement, Labour Market Development, CYSN Systems Change, Youth Justice One of the things that all of our members have in common is that you are doing a lot of things all of the time. This sector can be hectic and it often seems like a lot is happening all at once—contracts, recruiting, board meetings, fundraising, co ...Read More

New Grant Funding for Technology

Back in 2020, The Federation launched the Community Social Services Training Fund—a pool of grant funding provided by the provincial government to support inclusive training and development efforts throughout our sector. In August of this year, our government colleagues announced another pool of grant funding to address gaps i ...Read More

CYSN and The Federation…

How we got here… Last year, MCFD announced significant changes to the system of care for children and youth with support needs (CYSN). Consultations for this process began back in 2019, albeit without a lot of clarity about how the harvest from the consultations would be used and before the upheaval and tragedy of the pandemic—w ...Read More

Budget 2023 Consultation Report

Recommendations for next year’s provincial budget Each year, The Federation makes a submission and presentation to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services—the committee that makes recommendations to the Legislative Assembly for the next provincial budget. Last month, the committee released ...Read More

More Transformative Reconciliation

Apply to participate in the program’s next cohort! In 2020, The Federation partnered with Dr. Dustin Louie from the University of Calgary (now at UBC) to create a custom-built, cohort-based, year-long program called Transformative Reconciliation in Community Social Services. The program was designed to provide a ...Read More

New grant funding for technology

Supporting the long-term sustainability of our sector Back in 2020, we launched the Community Social Services Training Fund—a pool of grant funding provided by the provincial government to support broad and inclusive training and development efforts throughout the community social services sector. Last week, our governm ...Read More