The 2019 Social Policy Forum & February General Meeting

Strong & Sustainable Community Social Services

In 2017, the BC government made a promise to ensure that all British Columbians have access to the services they need. And since the majority of social services in BC are provided by community-based organizations, realizing this commitment requires paying attention to the issues facing the community social services sector and acting on the opportunities to strengthen the sector.

Opportunities for Making Social Change

Last year’s Social Policy Forum brought together stakeholders, created space for learning and dialogue, and modelled the type of collaborative approaches needed to continue the work of following through on the promise of improving service delivery in BC.

The 2018 Social Policy Forum identified and focused on four of the key factors affecting the sustainability and capacity of British Columbia’s community social services sectors:

  1. Inclusive and culturally safe workplaces
  2. Attraction and retention
  3. Supervision and training
  4. A coordinated system of social care

Utilizing these themes, this year’s event will continue the work begun in 2018 and provide new opportunities to understand and address the issues and challenges we are facing. We have designed this conference to bring passionate and motivated people together, to create space for problem-solving and planning, and to facilitate collaborative learning, dialogue, and action.

February 14th & 15th, 2019

at the
Victoria Marriott Inner Harbour
Victoria, BC 
Registration for the February Social Policy Forum is now open!