08/05/2021: Member Support and Information Recap

Hello Federation Members,

Thank you for joining us on Thursday, August 5, 2021, for our ‘Covid-19 and Your Organization’ members call.  You can find the recording of this COVID-19 call, and email notes on our Members only page early next week. Below, please find updates for this week.

  • Guest Citizen Services BC
  • Federation Member Survey
  • Member Call to Change as of September
  • National Residential School Crisis Line
  • BC Restart Plan
  • Accreditation Community of Practice

Guest: Citizens Services BC

Today we host Citizens Services BC to discuss the Covid-19 Equity Research Project that speaks to how people access and use information and services around Covid-19. The Service and Content Design Team from B.C.’s Government Digital Experience Division has been conducting research and engagements on equitable access to healthcare over the last 7 months. These findings have been used to inform how COVID-19 and vaccination information and services have been delivered. The team recognizes the vital role that community and non-profit organizations play in supporting those who face systemic and structural barriers to accessing care. During our call today, we learned about the team and learned about their health equity work and that they hoped to work more closely with community organizations, like the Federation membership.

You can review their presentation Vaccine Experience: Multilanguage and Health Equity Research here. They also shared a fact sheet on their findings related to systemic barriers faced by vulnerable groups during the vaccine rollout.

Federation Member Survey

The member survey link was sent out on July 7. The key purpose of this survey is to get feedback on how we are doing. We acknowledge that the past year and a half have been full of chaos and confusion and many, many changes. Your organizations had to shift and adjust in many ways and The Federation did our best to respond to your changing needs. We want to check in with you, our members, to get feedback on some of those changes and to find out how we can best support you in the months ahead. The link is posted in the chat.

Member Calls Changing in September

On the last Covid-19 calls, we discussed what would be helpful as we all move forward in the recovery stages. Moving to once a month seems to make the most sense to members. Members would like to know ahead what the topic is, including any guests. Circle introductions and lots of time for discussion would remain the same. In September we will be shifting our Covid-19 and Your Organization Member calls to monthly member calls to the 2nd Thursday of the month, beginning September 9 at 10:00-11:00 AM. The new name for the meetings will be Member Support & Information Exchange.

National Residential School Crisis Line

A National Residential School Crisis Line has been set up to provide support to former students. This 24-Hour Crisis Line can be accessed at 1-866-925-4419. At the Federation, we are renewing our commitment, as an organization and as individuals, to take personal responsibility for truth and reconciliation, to make sure our words translate into actions, and to use the power and privilege we have to drive change and decolonize those systems to which we are connected.

BC’s Restart plan

We continue in BC’s Restart Plan Phase 3. You can check BC Gov’t News Releases and Guidance & Support for BC Gov’t Restart plan for updated information.

Vax for BC & Walk-In Wednesday Clinics

BC Govt introduced an escalated plan to increase vaccinations rates by implementing Walk-in Wednesday Clinics, along with vaccinations for youth aged 12 years and up. You can call or register online for a walk-in appointment on August 8 or continue to get registered for the first dose and follow-up second dose. Check these web pages out for a collection of most things COVID-19 related or Vax for BC.

Accreditation Community of Practice

If you are looking for support for your virtual accreditation, please join Federation members on the active virtual accreditation monthly calls. They happen on the 3rd Friday. The next call is Friday, August 20, from 11:00-12:00. Please contact Pam or Stephanie for more information at pam@fcssbc.ca or stephanie@fcssbc.ca


Please reach out and let us know how we can support you. Looking forward to seeing you on our next call, August 19, 2021. The dates and log-in information for future member calls can be found on our webinars page.

Wishing you a lovely August 😊

Stephanie Martin, Program Assistant
Michelle Bell, Child Youth and Family Strategic Lead