1/13/2022: Member Support and Information Recap

Hello Federation Members,

Thank you for joining us for another Member Support and Information Exchange call. This was our first meeting of the new year and found us once again having to respond to ever-changing COVID-19 variants. As such, this meeting was intended to make space for what was top of mind for members. We recapped the topics discussed in meetings prior to the holidays (four-day work week, staff retention, vaccine mandates, staffing challenges related to omicron, and children and youth with support needs) as well as new COVID-19 policies, resources, and other Federation news.

  • Public Health Orders & Resources
  • COVID-19 Related Financial Resources
  • Employers’ Resources
  • Project Management Volunteers
  • Seniors Advocate Home Support Survey
  • Accreditation Circle
  • Community Social Services Training Fund (CSSTF)
  • Support to Practice Supervision Training

Our Member Calls

Name: Member Support & Information Exchange
Date: Second Thursday of the month
Time: 10:00 am to 11:00 am
Upcoming Calls: January 27th, February 10th

The January 27th call will focus on member policy sharing and contingency planning around COVID-19.

We had planned one gathering once a month for January and February; however, with the omicron variant impacting organizations’ operations, we may hold a second meeting each month to discuss those more time-sensitive matters such as isolation policies, vaccine mandates, and contingency staffing plans. Please stay tuned.

Public Health Orders & Resources

Most of you are likely already familiar with the recent BC Public Health Orders, for easier reference, here is the most recent update from January 14, 2022, that contains information on provincial and regional restrictions including:

  • PHO order on masks in public indoor settings
  • PHO order on gatherings and events including workplaces o Review COVID-19 prevention guidance from WorkSafeBC with an updated COVID-19 Safety Plan guide that you can download
  • PHO order on restaurants, pubs, bars and nightclubs
  • Regional restrictions by health authority
  • Guidance for visiting long-term care or seniors’ assisted living facilities
  • Safety recommendations
  • Enforcement

The BC CDC website has information and FAQs regarding self-isolation and self-monitoring.

We also shared information about where can organizations access rapid tests.

  • Red Cross: COVID-19 Rapid Testing Program for Community Organizations.
    • Non-profits and charities with frontline workers (staff and volunteers) may be eligible to receive free COVID-19 rapid antigen tests and support to implement a screening program for your personnel and the people you serve.
    • Organization staff members must take training to administer the test on-site and report to the Federal Government.
  • Federal government: COVID-19 rapid testing and screening in workplaces.
    • In checking eligibility as a “critical sector” read full descriptions and scroll to the bottom of the webpage to “Other” if you do not see your organization’s workplace described.
  • One member has purchased from Rapid Test Trace.

COVID-19 Related Financial Resources

Employers’ Resources

Community Social Services Employers’ Association of BC (CSSEA)

  • Updated on January 12, 2022, CSSEA’s website provides links to key employer resources.
  • Provides links to resources such as,
    • WorkSafeBC: An interpretation of the recent order to re-activate COVID-19 Safety Plans, COVID-19 safety planning guides, templates, community social services (CSS) industry-specific protocols for residential and non-residential services,
    • Community Social Services Health & Safety Council Resources
    • BC Centre for Disease Control: how to respond if you have COVID-19
    • WorkSafeBC Prevention Information Line: 1.888.621.7233

Mathews Dinsdale Lawyers

Project Management Volunteers

Members were also asked to provide examples of the ways they had been able to take advantage of Project Management Volunteers (PMV). Last year, Bill Scott and Shawn Hawkins joined one of our calls to discuss services provided by their organization. One member contacted PMV to review the management of their residential services (costs, rental market information). Another was able to clarify roles in their management team; they sent PMV the relevant documents and PMV did the work without requiring a lot of existing staff time. PMV had practice knowledge and freed up organization staff to do their existing jobs. If other members are interested in accessing these services, please contact Bill Scott at bill@valuingpeople.ca.

Seniors Advocate Home Support Survey

In December 2021, the Office of the Seniors Advocate launched the second province-wide survey of Home Support recipients and their families/caregivers. The Home Support Survey is open until January 31st. You can access the survey and find out how to help promote this initiative here.

Accreditation Circle

If you are looking for support with your virtual accreditation, you are welcome to join Federation members on our monthly virtual accreditation calls. These happen the 3rd Friday of the month, with the next call happening Friday, January 21st from 11:00-12:00. Please contact Pam or Stephanie for more information at pam@fcssbc.ca or stephanie@fcssbc.ca.

Subsidized Professional Development & Training

There are six subsidized workshops and/or webinars being offered in January and February through the Community Social Services Training Fund. Anyone interested in registering or finding more information about the workshops can click here or visit The Federation’s website and go to Subsidized Workshops under Training in the menu. Below are the six topics:

  1. A Journey of Understanding: Steps on the Path of Reconciliation for Non-Profit Organizations
  2. Risk Management: Engaging Volunteers Safely During & Post Covid-19
  3. Culturally Welcoming & Inclusive Volunteer Programs
  4. The Foundations of BC Housing Practices: Welcome to the Frontline
  5. HR Recruitment & Onboarding: How to Deal with High Turnover
  6. Financial Literacy: Foundations of Money Management

Please circulate the URL and information to people and organizations who are not Federation members!

Support to Practice Supervision Training

Cohort 7 of the Support 2 Practice training will begin near the end of February and there are still some spaces available. The dates for cohort 7 are February 23rd through April 12th. Additional cohorts will be launched starting in April. Information and registration are done directly through the Federation website.


In case this is your first time or haven’t been able to join for a while, the notes from our meetings are now available to the general public via our website. Click on Member Support & Info under Blog in the menu. And watch for a meeting reminder from Stephanie Martin the week of the next meeting.

Wishing you wellness!

The Federation Team