2/10/2022: Member Support and Information Recap

The topic for this Member Support and Information Exchange meeting was Organizational Wellness. We spoke about how members and their staff are faring, asked questions, and raised some issues. This topic was chosen in response to member concerns about individual and organizational wellness and how it relates to recruitment and retention.

Meeting Discussion

Questions from the group:

  • What is Mental Health vs Personal Struggle?
  • How are organizations discussing transitioning back to the workplace with their staff?
  • What does policy around transitioning back to the workplace look like, as PHO Orders loosen?


  • Consideration that staff members are being impacted by more than just doing their jobs. The are also impacted personally by the pandemic, in their own daily lives.
  • Some organizations have kept all programs operational with limited staff.
  • Other organizations have had to carefully review policy and make necessary amendments: a prime example provided was to redefine / reclassify certain programs that are essential, such as prenatal care and supports.
  • What is Mental Health vs Personal Struggle: one member described making this differentiation as part of a proactive and positive way to address/manage staff morale issues.
  • Flexibility is needed to be competitive when recruiting/retaining staff, although challenges come with this, too. Some ideas shared include understanding the challenges and benefits of staff working from home, and reviewing internal policy regarding sick leave, vacation leave, and how wellness and or family days can be introduced.
  • Putting ‘staff wellness’ into policy – people drawn to the industry are ‘the caregivers’ – there is a need to care for them too.
  • Consider review of eligibility for benefits: some organizations offer benefits right away vs after a waiting period.
  • Training, Education, Professional Development on the job: one organization has increased this as a staff incentive.
  • Clinician positions difficult to fill. New clinicians moving from schooling directly to Health Authorities or private practice before CSS – CSS as ‘training ground’ is becoming a thing of the past.
  • Many facing staffing shortage: one organization has had to shut a program for days due to lack of staff.
  • Wage redress is in the works, however, organizations need staff now.
  • Uneven competition with both private sector and private practice, particularly with positions that require specific certification, i.e. Clinicians.
  • Wage levels and incentives are on very different levels. Government funded positions/programs in community social services (CSS) much lower than private – onboarding incentives are a challenge for CSS.
  • Ability to plan for sustainable positions without dedicated and increased funding is challenging.

Members asked for access to the games provided during The Federation’s last June Conference (2021). Those interested can contact marshall@fcssbc.ca (who ran the party game breakout room).

Upcoming Meetings

The goal of the Member Support and Information Exchange meetings is to support you, our members, as leaders in your organizations and communities. It is a time to raise your policy and practice concerns or questions so that we can bring them to the attention of our government partners or others.

MSIE calls are held the 2nd Thursday of the month:

  • Mar 10: 10:00 –11:00 AM (topic to be determined)
  • Apr 14: 10:00–11:00 AM (topic to be determined)
  • May 12: 10:00–11:00 AM (topic to be determined)

Federation News

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Participation is easy:

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Wishing you wellness!
The Federation Team