An arrow pointing forward with kids also walking forward

A Way Forward: BCACDI

Friends of BCACDI,

We are pleased to share our vision for service delivery for children and youth with support needs. BCACDI member agencies are community-based not-for-profits and have had the privilege of supporting children, youth and families for more than 50 years. Our members deliver essential programming such as the Infant Development program that supports a child’s development in their crucial first few years of life, the Supported Child Development program that assists children and youth in participating and feeling included in child care settings, Early Intervention and School Age Therapies that help children and youth address developmental delays impacting their ability to explore and interact with their environment and communicate with their peers, and Behavior Intervention programs that help children, youth, and families address behaviour challenges impacting the ability to participate in family, school, and community life fully.

Our members deliver other programs, too, and employ a wide range of professionals such as Child Development Consultants, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Behavior Analysts, Consultants, Interventionists, Family Support Workers, Counsellors, and many more. We have members delivering services in big urban centres such as Vancouver and Victoria, small rural communities such as Atlin and Taylor, and all sizes and settings in between. We have members with strong relationships with local First Nations communities and members supporting Metis children, youth, and families, collaborating to support Indigenous children and families in a culturally safe way. Our member agencies have the depth of skill, knowledge, and community-based service delivery experience to truly understand how to support children, youth, and families effectively.

We are pleased to share BCACDI’s Way Forward with you and look forward to continuing the dialogue regarding BC’s service delivery for children and youth with support needs.