Caregiver Screening Webinar (Nov 2017)

Below is a recording of the first of three online sessions The Federation is hosting for contracted agencies across the province regarding MCFD’s caregiver screening policy changes. Staff from MCFD explain the upcoming changes to organizations providing residential care for BC children and youth.

You can view a recording of the Adobe Connect online meeting here.

This webinar focused on the caregiver screening work that MCFD’s Specialized Services Hub will be conducting for new applicants working in agencies across the province (as well as existing applicants). The highlights include:

  • An MCFD policy representative spoke to some of the policy changes related to caregiver screening.
  • An MCFD team leader who will be overseeing the work explained what to expect.
  • MCFD staff also spoke about the IT requirements (from the agency standpoint) for accessing the new service-provider portal as well as some of the system requirements that will be part of the new process.

For more information about this work and/or upcoming webinars about MCFD’s caregiver screening policy, please contact our Community Engagement lead Kathy Powelson at