Editorial on BC’s residential resources for youth in care

This week, Bernard Richard shared his worries about what he describes as a “lack of appropriate ministry oversight” when it comes to staffed residential resources.

In response, Minister Conroy has ordered a review of more than 800 children living in contracted agency homes in BC. The Federation has been engaging with the media and contributing to the public discourse.

Our Executive Director Rick FitzZaland has also penned an editorial on the issue appearing in the Times Colonist. An excerpt is included below.

Within an oft-neglected ministry, improving these staffed resources has often been the least important priority. And you can’t expect to fix a broken child-welfare system while pretending the most broken parts simply aren’t there — or aren’t needed anymore. That’s like trying to fix a flat tire by putting more air into the other three.

The ugly, painful truth is that prioritizing some parts of the child-welfare system over others is no different than saying some kids deserve better care and more protection than other kids.

– Times Colonist, June 15, 2018

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