The February Social Policy Forum: Changing attitudes about social care

A few years ago, we started talking about The Federation as being part of a movement—a movement that views caring as a foundational principle of humanity and puts such caring at the center of social policy. That movement is slowly growing and it needs your voice.

Next month, The Federation is hosting our second annual Social Policy Forum. This year, we are trying something new and something a little risky, but with your help, it is going to be great!

The Federation is inviting every candidate that has declared their intention to run in the upcoming provincial election to join us as part of this event. Together, over two days, we will talk about social care in BC and the impact of community social services.

We know that action on social issues can be hindered by a lack of understanding and/or misinformation. This event will address both of those barriers. In addition to facilitated panels and guest speakers, hosted table talks with candidates will enable Federation members to collectively inform and educate our next provincial government about social care issues and the importance of the work we do.

This is an opportunity to meet with the people who have chosen to run in the election. This is a chance to help them write a new narrative about the value social care—that healthy communities make good economic sense and that for our families to succeed, all families need to succeed.

We are already busy at work planning this event. Over the coming weeks, The Federation team will work with forum participants and members to craft short, informal presentations on a range of topics on the social care spectrum. Members will then have the opportunity to explain their work, ask and answer questions, and get to know the candidates face to face.

Before the holidays, I spoke about the value of social care. February’s Social Policy Forum is going to be an opportunity to help others understand and appreciate that value.

I encourage you all to register today. Not only will you secure the early bird pricing, but early registrants will get to choose their table topic and have the opportunity to help craft the presentations on various topics.

I look forward to seeing you in Victoria!