Insuring a strong and sustainable social services sector: Some benefits of being a Federation member

We are a sector that takes care of people. In order for us to do that job well, we need to also take care our organizations and the people that make up those organizations—it’s one of the most important things that we do. And The Federation has a number of programs and products available as a benefit of membership that can do just that!

Insurance Products

A strong and sustainable community social services sector must have access to high-quality and affordable insurance products. That’s why we offer members both The Federation Association Benefit Plan (FABP) in partnership with Schmunk Gatt Smith & Associates and The Federation General Insurance Plan (FGIP) in partnership with Megson FitzPatrick Insurance.

All agencies need insurance, and The Federation’s insurance products are designed to benefit all parties involved. We want to ensure the staff in our member agencies have access to good health care products so we can address some of the recruitment and retention issues in our sector. And we want to ensure BC’s community sector has choices when it comes to quality insurance products.

We know that many members have chosen other insurance providers and it is important to us that members have options. As hard as we work to make sure the Federation’s insurance products are as good as anything else available, we work just as hard to make sure members have and always will have the freedom of choice.

That said, by purchasing benefits and insurance through The Federation, our members can stretch their money and increase the value of their membership dollars. These insurance products are a significant revenue source for The Federation and enable us to do even more work advocating for and improving BC’s social care sector.

As Federation members, you have access to a suite of insurance programs that provide high-quality, comprehensive, reliable, and consistent insurance products at a reasonable cost. You can safeguard your organization with insurance that works for the unique needs of your agency, and even the smallest agencies can provide extended benefits for their staff with a plan that is one of only three plans compliant with the requirements of the BC Community Services Collective Agreement.

We all care about the strength and sustainability of BC’s community social services sector, and one of the biggest benefits of being a Federation member is being able to contribute to our sector’s longevity while supporting all the people we work with. If you have any questions about switching to a Federation Insurance Plan, please contact Donna at The Federation office.

Investment Pool Accounts

The Federation has an agreement with Realize Strategies to share with members a variety of services. One of these services is the Vancity Investment Pool Bank Accounts program.

This program features on-demand deposited funds with customized interest rates for surplus deposit funds and specially modified service charges for basic account activity. For more information on this program, contact Donna at The Federation office.


The Federation also has an agreement with Momentum Conferencing that grants our members discounted teleconferencing rates. Plus, upon signing, a credit of $35.00 will be applied to your teleconferencing account. Contact Donna at The Federation office for further details.