Issues, Advocacy, and Election Resources

This week we are sharing info about a new section of The Federation website devoted to tracking the issues and advocacy efforts we’re working on and providing Federation members some poster resources to encourage voting in the upcoming federal election.

1. Issues and Advocacy Efforts

This week we are launching a new page on our website designed to help our members (and others interested in the issues we care about) stay informed about the activities of The Federation. This Issues and Advocacy page will be one consistent place on the website where we will share information about the key issues we are currently working on.

Like the weekly updates from Rick and I, this is a way we are striving to keep our membership well-informed. It is by no means a full list of everything The Federation is doing, but it will be where we identify the issues we are working on that seem to generate the most questions and share information about those issues. On the page this month you will find information and updates about our work to address:

Member webinars and feedback!

As you know, some of the issues we are working on are of a sensitive nature. So we will have to balance our intentions to share information with the need to keep privileged information off of online platforms. However, as the need arises (and as we are able) we will schedule member webinars that will allow for more frank and open discussions about the things that are important to you.

For now, check out the page and let us know what you think! We’d love to know how it can be more helpful and informative and what we can add to make it even better.

2. Federal Election Resources

The 2019 Federal Election is only a month away. The Federation is once again supporting participation in this election by making available posters encouraging people to vote. You can access four 11×17 PDF posters below. Print them off and display them in your agencies where staff and other people can see.

We will also be curating election coverage in our Daily News Clippings (and sharing them on Twitter) so encourage your staff to subscribe to our mailing list and follow us online. We’re helping you support your staff in understanding the issues at play this election and making their voice heard.

Rebecca Ataya Lang
Director of Programs and Services