Leadership 2020 Newsletter: Leaving a positive legacy

One way to support your successor is to build a strong, positive legacy while you are in your position. Hopefully, long before you depart, you will be able to focus on the legacy you want to leave. Whatever it is, your legacy will assist in providing continuity—especially if you can leave clear and helpful guideposts for those who remain behind to follow.

Four Ways to Leave a Positive Legacy at Work

There is some danger in this, however, if the legacy is more about you, and less about the work you did or the work that still needs to be done. This article by Heather Younger provides some succinct pointers on how to build a positive legacy at work.

And for those who aren’t leaving their position anytime soon, the suggestions included also serve as good reminders about some valuable leadership practices we may forget from time to time.

A succession planning strategy

Online articles and think-pieces about succession planning are a dime a dozen. But they seem to talk more about the importance of succession planning and less about how to do it—or how to do it well. But succession planning isn’t just important for directors and C-suite business executives. This article in Inc argues that every key position and every key person in your organization should be a candidate, for a succession plan.

Without succession planning throughout your organization, it can become incredibly difficult to successfully promote someone unless there is a trained person to take over the position being vacated. What could succession planning look like in your organization?