Leadership 2020 FAQ

All our Leadership 2020 programs are grounded in appreciative and strengths-based approaches and the belief that great leadership is personal, practice-based, participatory, and perceptive.

Therefore, participants work on themselves to: enhance self- awareness, strengths, and capacity (personal); practice leadership and learn by doing (practice-based); learn how to engage, develop and bring out the best in others so that we are ‘altogether better’ (participatory); and develop capacity to discern what actions are appropriate given the context and intentions (perceptive).

You can learn more about our Leadership 2020 program below. You can also read the Leadership 2020 Program’s 5-Year Evaluation Report (published in 2017). Ongoing evaluation is a big part of Leadership 2020’s philosophy and our approach to this iterative, evolving program. Feedback and evaluations help us keep the program responsive to the needs of participants and continually supportive to program graduates.