Life in BC Snapshots 2017: The state of social care in BC

Two years ago, The Federation scoured the news, research, and literature to take a ‘Snapshot’ of what life in BC was like. We wanted to understand how good things were for the people of our province. We also wanted to investigate important aspects of day-to-day life that have been overlooked by a government focused on economic prosperity.

Thing’s didn’t look that great. And two years later, they are no better. Over the past few months, The Federation staff team has been expanding and updating our ‘Life in BC’ Snapshot fact sheets to prove that very point. We want to help our members, and all the people of BC, talk about the state of social care in our province.

The 2017 Snapshot series includes a 2-page PDF on each of the following eight topics: Children and Youth; Community Inclusion; Employment and Wages; Gender-Based Violence; Housing and Homelessness; Mental Health and Substance Use; Poverty and Inequality; and Seniors.

Each Snapshot includes relevant news headlines from the past year, easy to read facts and data points, a short case study example, various talking points, key statistics and research findings, and all the sources that are referenced.

Please use these Snapshots when talking with funders, politicians, and civil servants—they can be incredibly helpful. Share them with your staff and volunteers and encourage them to talk about these issues.

The next provincial election will take place on May 9. These snapshots describe what’s at stake and what needs to change in order for the people of British Columbia to actually prosper and thrive.

Our hope is that these Snapshots will empower Federation members and their staff (numbering over 6000 people!) to be informed and engaged citizens over the next few months as well as the years beyond. Whoever forms the next government will have a lot of work to do and we all need to help make sure it gets done.

You can view and download all eight snapshot fact sheets here: