New Funding & Subsidized Training

Most of you are already well aware of the grant funding that is available for organizations through the Community Social Services Training Fund and many Federation members have applied for monies to support organizational training and/or staff education and certification.

What you may not know is that as of last month, two changes to the Training Fund further increased eligibility.

  • Round Three funding for the Support for Organizational Training Grant (Oct 2021–Mar 2022) is now available to all organizations, even those who have previously received Organizational Training funding in Rounds One and/or Two.
  • To increase access and impact, organizations with 50+ employees are now eligible for a larger amount of funding for their Organizational Training.

I encourage you to learn about these important changes and apply for additional grant funding on our website.I also want to bring your attention to professional development opportunities available to you—two new subsidized workshop series and new cohorts of our Support to Practice supervision training. You can learn more about each below and can register to participate through The Federation website.

Subsidized Professional Development

Two new series of workshops are being offered later this month. The aim of these workshops is to provide organizations with knowledge and skills that will help them address recruitment and retention issues while better supporting their clients and communities.

A workshop series on HR Recruitment and Onboarding, offered in partnership with Sincron HR, will provide tools, resources, strategies, and methods that employers—particularly human resources departments—can utilize to support recruitment and onboarding efforts. Participants will learn how to improve and speed up recruitment and onboarding processes while helping employees develop competency in their new positions.

Another series on the Foundations of Housing Practice, offered in partnership with SafeOnline Education Associates, will provide frontline workers with the day-to-day skills required to be effective in emergency/homeless shelter and supported housing settings. Topics will include Housing First, low-barrier and harm-reduction philosophies, the basics of trauma-informed practice, case management and documentation.

Support to Practice Supervision Training

Many organizations that deliver direct support services to clients provide supervisors or managers with the dual responsibility of supporting effective practice while also providing administrative oversight. Our cohort-based Support to Practice training program, offered in partnership with CAI and CityU, helps supervisors and managers understand the full range of supervisory responsibilities and teaches specific skills that enhance direct service delivery.

Support to Practice Supervision Training aims to ensure that your organization is supporting your staff and meeting the unique needs, preferences, and circumstances of your clients and communities. Learn more and register to participate in our first two cohorts of 2022 on The Federation website.

Rick FitzZaland
Federation Executive Director