On knowing how to do the right thing…

The past few weeks have been especially challenging and stressful for everyone involved in BC’s community social services sector. Two weeks ago, our Executive Director wrote about the many ways that BC’s community social services sector is being called on to support those in need, maintain emotional and social wellness, and care for those who would otherwise fall between the cracks.

You have all stepped up in profound and significant ways and you continue to do so. With each day that goes by, we are more and more impressed and thankful for your ingenuity, creativity, and flexibility—for doing whatever is needed to support your clients while still recognizing their individual humanity. We know how hard that is amid the fear and uncertainty and onslaught of recommendations and projections and statistics.

We have been shocked and not shocked (often at the exact same time) by many of the things our members want information about and many of the questions our members want concrete answers to. Without information and directions, it can feel like we don’t know what to do. Many of us are tired and stressed out and scared and just want someone to tell us how to do what’s right. We are all searching for certainty and control in a moment without much of either.

But the truth is that our sector has always known how to adapt and change and provide support and care and kindness. It’s actually one of the things we are best at and what sets us apart from others. Yes, these are unprecedented and extraordinary times. But you are extraordinary people who have done and survived the unprecedented before. Don’t forget that.

The Federation has done—and will continue to do—as much as we possibly can to get you the information and resources you need to get through this crisis. But when you find yourselves in those gaps, in those moments of uncertainty, trust yourself. Act with the compassion and creativity that our sector is known for. There isn’t always going to be a right thing to do; but those of us doing this work know that there is a right way to do things. And that’s how we have always done things—with kindness and intention and care.

Below you will find updates for employers, links to new guidelines, webinar information for Federation members, and resources on things like mental health and wellness, parenting during COVID-19, and working from home. And as always, if there is anything we can do to help you or your staff, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Rebecca Atay Lang
Associate Executive Director

Sherry Sinclair
Director of Programs & Services