Preparing your Organization for the 2024 Fire Season, a webinar and Q&A session

Join us on Monday, April 8 from 12:00-1:00pm (PST) for Preparing your Organization for the 2024 Fire Season, a webinar and Q&A lead by GTEC, Executive Director, Arden Henley.

This webinar will include information and research shared by leading experts with the goal of helping your organization prepare for this year’s fire season. Presenters will include:

  • Fire Ecologist, Robert Gray, will share what to expect from the 2024 and future fire seasons and steps you can take to prepare your organization and community;
  • The Executive Director of the Mental Health Climate Change Alliance, Alexis Palmer-Fluevog, will share a personal story introducing the emotional and mental health impacts of fire and smoke, as well as steps to assist organizations and communities;
  • Physician Linda Thyer will address the medical impacts of toxic smoke and the preventative measures available. Linda is a GTEC Board member and co-founder of Doctors for Planetary Health; and
  • SFU Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, Anne-Marie Nicol showcase the affordable, do-it-your air filtration systems that she and her colleagues have developed, tested and shared in workshops with a number of communities.

The webinar will by moderated by GTEC, Executive Director, Arden Henley. Please register at

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