The MCFD/Federation October Conference in Richmond

There is very little The Federation undertakes that we do truly on our own. A commitment to working collaboratively is woven through our strategic plan and our values for good reason—the complex issues we face demand strategies that include collective wisdom, strong partnerships, diverse experiences, and different perspectives. This is our approach to advocacy efforts and it is also our approach to planning events. The needs of our members inform everything we do and we can best meet those needs by collaborating with others.

As you may already know, this October The Federation is once again co-hosting a major learning event for the sector in partnership with the Ministry of Children and Family Development. We are very proud to be working together and we are excited about the line up of speakers and sessions.

Together, The Federation and the ministry will be welcoming over 200 people from DAAs, MCFD, First Nations, and the community sector and this will be an excellent opportunity for people from across the social care sector to come together for two days of discussions, collective learning, and relationship building.

Working, Learning, and Planning Collaboratively

October 16th and 17th may still feel like a long way away, but a lot of work has already taken place. These kinds of joint learning events take a lot of work, a lot of patience, and a lot of relationship building. We have been very fortunate to have an experienced group of representatives from MCFD, The Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions, and our membership helping us to plan this conference.

The diverse perspectives have made for some lively discussions and resulted in a great line up of speakers, panels, and sessions. Yes, at times there has been some frustration as we worked through our differing needs, goals, and intentions. But that discomfort feels right. Because we know that the kind of collaboration we are calling for is not easily achieved. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it; it’s the hard parts that make it great.

We are forging stronger and more informed relationships across the sector. And these relationships will benefit us long after the event planning is done—they will inform and enhance our position as an advocate as well.

Join us this October!

When the conference planning committee was working to articulate our intentions and goals, one thing became very clear—this event is as much about who participants are learning with as it is about what they are learning. We think you’ll be excited by the line-up of speakers and sessions we have put together. And we are very sure that participants will leave with a great deal to bring back to their workplaces and, ultimately, the people they serve.

But most of all, this event will offer the added value of learning, sharing, and connecting with a diverse group of colleagues from across the sector. We hope to see you and your staff there. The early-bird registration rate ends tomorrow.

Rebecca Ataya Lang
Director of Programs and Services