The Youth Education Bursary

When I was first joined The Federation team years ago, the Youth Education Bursary was one of the things that really drew me to the organization and inspired me as I took on this role.

That’s because I recognized that the bursary was more than just a dollar amount of financial support. It was (and it still is) one of the ways The Federation and our member organizations see young people as more than simply their experience in government care. It sees their potential and it helps them reach it.

To me, the bursary is an intentional and heartfelt way of welcoming the next generation of caregivers and practitioners into our sector. It empowers those who have been recipients of services and support to learn how to do the same for others. And that’s why I am excited to announce that applications for the 2019 Youth Education Bursary are now open.

Supporting young people who want to support others

Over the past few years, our province has made strides in supporting youth in care through policies and programs like tuition waivers. But that’s still not enough—especially since the eligibility criteria for tuition waivers will only help some of BC’s former youth in care.

That’s why the bursary continues to be an important piece of our work. These young people want to join our committed, caring, and hardworking sector and we will be there to support them. And, after receiving feedback from recipients, we have expanded the bursary’s eligibility to include young adults up to the age of 30.

The bursary application (and links to other resources for young people) are available on our website. The deadline to apply is May 3, 2019. Please share this information widely and offer your help to any young people completing the application—the best way to make these processes less scary for a young person is to have a kind, caring adult work on it with them. (You can find the application here.)

In closing, I want to sincerely thank all of our members for their ongoing support of this important and meaningful program and encourage you to pass on information about the bursary to youth-in-care and youth-serving organizations in your network.

Rick FitzZaland
Federation Executive Director

“I cannot express my thankfulness and appreciation for the support I have received. I was a child that grew up in a very low-income family with a single mom and five siblings. We frequently sought help from food banks, low-income housing, and welfare. And now because of the help and support I have received from organizations like The Federation, I am starting my Masters of Clinical Social Work degree in the fall of 2016. Thank you for helping me help others.” – 2016 Bursary Recipient