Training Opportunities for Fed Members 

Last fall, The Federation launched a new program for our members—an ongoing series of regional training opportunities across the province. It is something we have wanted to do for a long time, in part because of our commitment to being a truly provincial organization and because we recognize the challenges many of our members face (even those in urban centres) accessing training for their staff.

Current & Upcoming Training

Our focus for the first three series of training was determined by member feedback, our strategic goal of increasing the sustainability of the sector, and our commitment to reconciliation and resurgence. We are currently mid-way through the first training series on Cultural Agility hosted by Tammie Myles of Mother Earth Whispers. (There are still a number of locations with seats available—see below!)

At the same time, we are also developing the next series which will focus on staff supervision. People working in the community social services sector deal with a lot of tough situations and need to make judgment calls all the time. But traditionally, “clinical supervision” has been mostly focused on staff in therapeutic roles. We are developing a new workshop for supervisors that will create a framework for what we are calling “support to practice” that can translate to a variety of service areas.

This idea was the brainchild of Federation members Gord Cote and Chris Burt, who have been working on the workshop design with a group of other members for over a year. If you are interested in being involved in the working group please contact Sherry Sinclair, The Federation’s Director of Programs and Services.

The third training series (anticipated for late 2021) will be focused on support for office and administration staff working in community organizations. We are currently calling in people who would like to be a part of the working group developing these offerings. Please contact Sherry if you are interested in being involved.

Recruitment, Retention & Service Delivery

Years and years of member outreach (and the findings of the Social Service Labour Market Research Project) have made it very clear that access to this kind of training is vital to the retention of your staff and volunteers. And we know from our work with CSSEA and WorkSafeBC that access to training can also reduce the incidents of workplace injury.

Those are two of the big reasons why we are doing this. But it is also important for us to engage and support our members across the province and work with them in their own communities. And perhaps most important is the fact that, at the end of the day, this kind of training helps ensure that tho people seeking support from community-based agencies like yours receive the most compassionate and informed care possible.

Spaces Still Available! 

There are still a number of spaces available for the sessions taking place in Kamloops, Prince George, Terrace, and Fort St. John. You can learn more, view details and locations, and register to participate on The Federation website.

Interior Region
Kamloops: March 31st

North Region
Prince George: April 23rd
Terrace: May 13th
Fort St. John: May 26th

Cultural safety training sessions are hosted by Tammie Myles of Mother Earth Whispers.  A combination of discussion and experiential exercises will encourage participants to recognize their own limitations, biases, and barriers when it comes to how they think, work, and exist in the world.

These workshops are for anyone wanting to influence change within Indigenous systems and communities—moving forward requires each of us to be personally responsible for our perceptions and actions.

Please forward this opportunity to your local partners and networks. These sessions are a great opportunity to dive into learning with colleagues and coworkers and to strengthen your community connections!


Rick FitzZaland
Executive Director