Weekly Update Blog

In a fast-paced sector constantly changing, our members need regular information and updates on policy changes, government priorities, research, and program updates. That’s why our Executive Director posts a sector update each week for all of our members. Those posts appear here the following week.

Advocacy and Engagement Updates

Procurement, Labour Market Development, CYSN Systems Change, Youth Justice One of the things that all of our members have in common is that you are doing a lot of things […]

New Grant Funding for Technology

Back in 2020, The Federation launched the Community Social Services Training Fund—a pool of grant funding provided by the provincial government to support inclusive training and development efforts throughout our […]

CYSN and The Federation…

How we got here… Last year, MCFD announced significant changes to the system of care for children and youth with support needs (CYSN). Consultations for this process began back in […]

Budget 2023 Consultation Report

Recommendations for next year’s provincial budget Each year, The Federation makes a submission and presentation to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services—the committee that makes recommendations to […]

More Transformative Reconciliation

Apply to participate in the program’s next cohort! In 2020, The Federation partnered with Dr. Dustin Louie from the University of Calgary (now at UBC) to create a custom-built, cohort-based, […]

New grant funding for technology

Supporting the long-term sustainability of our sector Back in 2020, we launched the Community Social Services Training Fund—a pool of grant funding provided by the provincial government to support broad […]

Another year of the Reconciliation Book Club…

Living into reconciliation has been an intentional goal of The Federation for nearly a decade and is also the foundation of our strategic plan. It is not easy. We have […]

2022 Submission to the Select Standing Committee on Health

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this committee’s important work. My name is Michelle Bell and I am the Director of Child, Youth and Family Advocacy for The […]

The Federation’s Annual General Meeting Recap

Thank you to everyone who attended The Federation’s 2022 Annual General Meeting in Penticton last week. It was our first time meeting in person in over two years and it […]

National Indigenous People’s Day: Responsibility, Accountability, Opportunity

Tuesday, June 21 is National Indigenous People’s Day. It is an opportunity for all Canadians to reflect, learn, support, and participate in celebrations of Indigenous culture in our communities. We […]