Youth Education Bursary Awards 2021

A personal thank you and a call for donations

Each year, when The Federation’s Youth Education Bursary Committee reviews the application from dedicated and deserving young people beginning or continuing their post-secondary education, the committee members get to read a short essay by each applicant detailing their educational goals, their life history, and the reasons why they have decided to pursue a career in the social or human services.

Occasionally, once the awards are given out in the late spring, we get the additional gift of thank you letters from the same young people who have taken time away from working and studying and everything else to share their appreciation.

Because the Youth Education Bursary is a program that was created by Federation members and because the bursary is largely funded by donations from the staff of member organizations, you deserve to share in the gratitude and recognition.

Dear Committee:

I am very grateful for the funding that has been provided. I have worked incredibly hard over this past year studying nursing and have been very successful. However, knowing that the program is going to intensify has made me anxious for being able to provide the resources I need to continue to be successful. […] The Federation has stepped in and provided this support for me allowing me the means to purchase supplies rather than worrying about how I am going to provide these items. Growing up as a child people saw my flaws and my massive file rather than my potential. It is hard to describe the feeling when someone believes in your capabilities. Thank you so much for the funding that you have provided me I look forward to sharing my progress with you.

– Sierra

2021 Bursary Awards

This year, we were able to award Sierra and 12 other very worthy applicants $2,000 each for a total of $26,000 in bursary funding. Some, like Sierra, had received the bursary funding before and some applicants have now reached Master’s level programs of study.

Since 2009, The Federation’s Youth Education Bursary has awarded a total of $237,925 to nearly 183 recipients to help with the financial costs of tuition, books, and supplies for post-secondary study.

Call for Donations to the Bursary Fund

As you can see, the bursary continues to be as important as ever. That’s why The Federation will continue to support those young people who want to join our committed, caring, and hardworking sector by pursuing post-secondary education in the social or human services.

Normally, we would use our three annual conferences to raise funds for the Youth Education Bursary. But this year I encourage you to visit the Youth Education Bursary page, to share it with your colleagues and friends and family, and to consider supporting the bursary fund in whatever way you can—either directly or by raising awareness about this wonderful member-led program and the impact it has on young people in and from care.

In closing, I want to sincerely thank all of our members for their ongoing support of this important and meaningful program. Your commitment to the bursary program and the growing community of youth that it has helped to welcome into our sector are two beautiful examples of what Altogether better is all about.

Rick FitzZaland
Executive Director