9/8/2022: Member Support and Information Recap

Member Discussion

A member asked if anyone new approaches or changes to COVID protocol or vaccination status.

  • Member shared COVID provision incorporated into communicable disease policy
  • Member shared they interpret “fully vaccinated” as two shots.
  • Multiple members shared that masks are optional, based on comfort
  • A member shared health authorities have their own protocols that health-funded programs must follow.
  • If members are interested in PHO joining MSIE meeting to answer questions in October, please tell catherine@fcssbc.ca.

A member brought up the potential BCGEU settlement.

  • Member brought up that the potential settlement will have a significant impact on wage compression (will recognize peoples’ work but will also compress wages further).
  • Member shared that they compensate their non-union staff with similar benefits, but not similar wages.
  • Member shared that recruiting Managers is difficult because of compression.
  • Federation staff reminded members that a Compensation Framework is a priority of the Social Services Sector Roundtable and work continues to be done to address union/non-union discrepancies and compression.

Federation Updates

Transformative Reconciliation

Cohort 3 of our Transformative Reconciliation program is now accepting applications until mid-October. Start-date is Oct. 26, 2022. This is a year-long program, led by Dr. Dustin Louie. This program has been designed for senior leaders at community social services agencies. The program involves monthly learning sessions, witnessing sessions and each organization is supported to create and execute a decolonizing project for their own organization. For further info, contact catherine@fcssbc.ca.

Cultural Safety: It’s Not What You Think

This three-day program on Cultural Safety is facilitated by our Indigenous Advisor, Riley McKenzie. Cohorts are running now until early December 2022. For further info, contact kathy@fcssbc.ca.

Research Project: Admin Funding

One of the frequent topics of member discussion over the years is the challenges community organizations face with an outdated model for funding administration. This has long been an area of advocacy for The Fed and was a focus of our presentation to Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services this year. We have raised the issue with countless politicians and senior bureaucrats We are trying a new approach and are working with the Community Social Planning Council on a research project that aims to bring the impacts of the admin funding model to light within the context of what other models are possible. We are excited to be launching this work over the fall and will be inviting member organizations to participate in some focus groups in October. We know this is an area many of you are passionate about, and that many of you have stories that really demonstrate why the approach to funding administrative costs needs to change. For further info, contact rebecca@fcssbc.ca.

Ministry of Health

Michelle Bell is creating a survey for members, similar to the MCFD survey she sent out in late Spring, but with a focus on the Ministry of Health. Michelle is gathering info on what is working and what isn’t within Health contract and services. Reach out to Michelle to discuss further: michelle@fcssbc.ca.