More Transformative Reconciliation

Apply to participate in the program’s next cohort!

In 2020, The Federation partnered with Dr. Dustin Louie from the University of Calgary (now at UBC) to create a custom-built, cohort-based, year-long program called Transformative Reconciliation in Community Social Services.

The program was designed to provide a more intensive learning program for Federation members and community partners who want to deepen their learning and apply reconciliation-based approaches to their organizations and programs. We wanted to create an opportunity to engage in transformative reconciliation through collaborative discussion, learning, design, and practice.

The first two years have been a resounding success (the second cohort is in its last few months) and we are excited to launch applications for a third cohort of participants! You can find details about the program, the application form, and program dates and fees on The Federation website.

“Throughout this course, we have learned and been guided to understand how we can decolonize our programs and what is required to do so. Being able to implement actions that will have a direct impact on reconciliation within our organization has been an exciting experience for me and I dare say my colleagues as well.” – 2020/21 Participant

The program’s action-oriented design has been tailored for organization staff and leaders who are keen to create real-world approaches to reconciliation that are founded on decolonizing principles and Indigenous Knowledges within their specific local context.

The program was built to be inclusive of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants from both Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations. Everyone interested in this work is welcome. If you want to explore your own positionality and responsibilities and learn how to identify and disrupt the colonial foundations of our practice and systems, this opportunity is for you.

We encourage and invite you to learn more about this program and sign up to engage in difficult conversations in a supportive space—working together to transform our practice and embody the important calls to action that we have a responsibility to take up.

And as always, if you have any questions about this initiative (or any Federation initiative), please get in touch with us. We are always available!


Catherine Rana, Director of Programs and Services

Rebecca Lang, Associate Executive Director