Announcing the Apprentice Circle

For as long as I have held this role, The Federation has always understood the value of trying new things. It’s how we approach many of our programs and services—our conferences, or member engagement, our research, and our leadership development program: Leadership 2020.

This open-minded, innovative approach to our work is what led to the expansion of Leadership 2020 so it could include MCFD staff. It is what led to the creation of the Indigenous Focus program and it has now led us to another milestone in the history of Leadership 2020: the Apprentice Circle.

Taking leadership to the next level

The Apprentice Circle is a new program specifically for Leadership 2020 graduates. It will take the best aspects of the existing programs—the cohort model, in-person residencies, a generative curriculum—and build upon it in ways that empower the next generation of social service leaders and help participants make a real impact in their communities.

For many years, past participants have been calling for something more—more opportunities, more learning, more ways to apply that learning. The Apprentice Circle program is our answer to that call.

So we poured over program feedback, talked with advisors and past participants, applied for grant funding, and built a new hands-on curriculum. Most importantly, as part of the Apprentice Circle program, participants will be empowered to take their leadership to the next level through a Community Impact Project and the opportunity to apprentice as a Leadership 2020 host. (You can learn more about these unique opportunities on our website.)

To me, one of the most exciting things about Leadership 2020 is the potential that our graduates’ community represents. We’re creating a movement of people inspired and transformed by this experience who are committed to creating change in our social care systems. This new program aims to harness and unleash that potential. And it all will kick off with the first residency in September. Visit the new Apprentice Circle web page for more details and information.

Applications and information

Applications are open right now. You can download the application form on the Apprentice Circle web page. (The application deadline is August 10th so don’t delay!)

We’re also hosting two online information sessions later this month. If you have questions or want to know more about this new program, we encourage you (and your staff and supervisors) to join us.​

Rick FitzZaland
Federation Executive Director