BC Provincial Election Posters

Historically, low voter turnout often leads to government decision-making that prioritizes the needs of the elite at the expense of marginalized or vulnerable community members. So The Federation is encouraging our member organizations, their staff, and clients to get out and vote.

To help our members spread the word about the importance of voting, we have created a series of posters and social media posts that touch on a range of aspects and ideas. Scared? Apathetic? Confused? Overwhelmed? Forgetful? There’s a poster for everyone!

Post them in your waiting room or your lunchroom. If you have a staff meeting where people feel unsure about whether it is safe to vote, put up these posters in your staff room or meeting room. Think about how and where they will have an impact and choose the one that is right for your staff team and/or clients. If you need some different messaging (or different colours), just let us know!

Click on any of the images below to view and download the files.

  • Posters are 11 x 17 PDFs
  • Social media images are web-ready JPG images
  • You can drag-and-drop images to your desktop or control-click to save them

‘Get Out The Vote’ Posters



‘Get Out The Vote’ Social Media Images




Election Information

CBC News has compiled a list of all candidates nominated in all ridings (updated daily). The deadline for candidates to be declared and approved by Elections BC is October 2nd.

You can request a vote by mail package here (click the grey button at the bottom of the page).

Elections BC also has also compiled information about services for at-risk voters and voters with disabilities as well as translated election materials in 17 different languages.

You can use this map to find your electoral district (also known as a riding or constituency). Please note, the map can take a few seconds to load.