The Federation and EVA BC announce new partnership agreement

The Ending Violence Association of BC (EVA BC) and The Federation of Community Social Services of BC (The Federation) are pleased to announce a new formal partnership agreement in which both organizations have committed to a collaborative and mutually supportive working relationship. 

We are glad to be working alongside each other to address common issues, and to advance legislative, budgetary, policy, and practice matters with the government. This new partnership is built upon a mutual respect for each other’s work and a shared understanding that the specific issues we each focus on affect various other areas of social care.

While our two organizations have long worked together, this formal agreement opens the door for new opportunities and shared benefits for our respective members, including the following.

EVA BC members will have access to the Federation 2020 Leadership programs and The Federation’s annual professional development conference at a preferred rate. In addition, EVA members will have access to Federation insurance programs through the Federation Benefits Associates Program

Federation members will have access to EVA BC’s annual training forum at preferred rates. EVA BC will also provide Federation members access to EVA BC legal analysis and briefing documents on issues related to gender-based violence policy, legislation, and programming.

About the organizations:

The Ending Violence Association of British Columbia (EVA BC) works to coordinate and support the work of victim-serving and other anti-violence programs in British Columbia through the provision of issue-based consultation and analysis, resource development, training, research, and education. Our work is guided by respect for difference, human dignity, and equality.

The Federation of Community Social Services of BC (The Federation) is a group of community-based social services organizations that influence decision-making to improve the wellbeing of communities. The Federation works towards a vision of a society of strong, healthy individuals and families, and caring, inclusive communities strengthened by comprehensive, responsive, high-quality supports and services.