The Fed’s Communication Strategy: Let us know what’s most important to you

The Federation’s mission is to act as a catalyst for positive change to B.C.’s social policies and community programs.

We strive to influence social policy and improve social conditions in our province by building stronger, better informed, and more supportive connections between the sector, government, and the public.

This means we have our feet firmly planted in two different worlds. Sometimes, The Federation is an advocate—a voice for change promoting the value of community social services and changing public perceptions about the work we do. Other times, we are a collaborator, influencer, and advisor with government bodies, public servants, and politicians.

In many ways, these are two sides of the same coin: both help foster the change we want to see but do so in different ways. Both of these approaches are important and both are vital to The Federation’s mission, our strategic priorities, and our core principles. And they both inform the ways The Federation communicates with you, our members, and the way we position ourselves in public discourse.

We act quickly and respond publicly with Op-Ed pieces, Letters to the Editor, and press releases when situations or issues require us to. We also work hard to communicate with our membership when policies change and when information emerges that might affect your organizational practice and sustainability.

But our environment is constantly changing; we are continually updating our communications strategies as issues emerge and trends shift and will continue to do so—especially with the upcoming provincial election.

As such, we are encouraging all Federation members to take two minutes and complete a simple one-page checklist letting us know when you want to be contacted directly about important changes to specific programs, services, and funding areas.

The items on the list are not the only areas we are focusing on. However, providing The Federation with a clear sense of what is most important to your organization—what issues you need to know most about—will help us continue to serve you better and, in turn, help strengthen the sector as a whole.

Please take two minutes to fill out the short checklist now: Federation Member Services Checklist. If you have any questions about how this information will be used, please feel free to contact Rebecca at The Federation office.