2020 Resources – New learning and development opportunities

1) Leadership Mind with Caitlin Frost

Leadership 2020 core faculty member Caitlin Frost is launching Leadership Mind a new practice based, 10-month immersion in the transformative practice of The Work of Byron Katie, exploring and expanding personal leadership capacity. “Following the conscious design of this transformative personal learning journey, you can access deep insight about yourself (including blind spots and unconscious patterns), better know and use your experience, strengths and talents, reconnect to your passion, purpose and integrity, and navigate the many challenges and opportunities that arise in your work and life with more clarity, coherence and enjoyment.” Caitlin is offering all Leadership 2020 graduates and participants the non-profit rate. Further details are available here.

You can also check out the resources section of her website and re-engage with or deepen your practice in The Work as a means to challenge the limiting beliefs and fears that hold you back.

2) Coursera – Upcoming Free Courses

I still get excited about September and the promise of new beginnings and new learnings. Coursera is one of the platforms for MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) that I have written about in the past and a few of their best courses are starting soon:

Building Your Leadership Skills begins August 8th and speaks to the importance of relationships and trust-building as a leadership practice. This course is aligned with the 2020 principle that ‘great leadership is personal’ and self-awareness is foundational. https://www.coursera.org/learn/leadership-skills 

Inspiring Leadership Through Emotional intelligence lead by Dr. Richard Boyatzis from Case Western University is excellent. The commitment is about 1.5 hours a week over 8 weeks and it starts on August 22nd. The course is taught through engaging videos and short exercises and activities.

Leadership Through Design Innovation will be of interest to anyone wanting to further explore design thinking and innovation as an increasingly important leadership skill. This course was developed by Northwestern University and while it will have more of a business focus than a non-profit or government focus the 4-week syllabus is very comprehensive. It starts on August 29th.

Note: More and more platforms for MOOC’s are offering specialization streams or paid offerings that enable you to get continuing education credit or some other type of certification. However, you can still take the courses for free by selecting the ‘audit only’ options.