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June 04, 2024

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Table of contents

  • Health & mental health
  • Conferences & events
  • Communities & families
  • Highlights
  • Reconciliation
  • Children & youth
  • Homelessness & housing
  • Good news

Health & mental health

Taser company’s virtual-reality training has an ‘empathy’ mode – Victoria Times Colonist

Virtual reality training scenarios immerse police officers in various crisis situations, such as confronting individuals with knives or experiencing mental health crises. These scenarios, provided by Axon, aim to enhance officers’ empathy and decision-making skills. While some question the cost-effectiveness of such technology, others argue it provides valuable practice opportunities, especially for infrequent tasks like Taser use. Axon also offers AI-powered software to streamline police report writing, potentially saving officers time.



June 2024: Current & Emerging Issues Conference and AGM

Presented by the Federation Association Benefit Plan

osoyoos conference visual identity: people with their hands in the air connecting with each other in a desert-y background | design by estella lum

Our June (13 and 14, 2024) conference is designed to tackle the pressing issues that matter most to our members. Based on feedback from our members, we’ve tailored the agenda to cover current trends and emerging topics. The Federation AGM*, on the final morning, ensures we discuss these crucial issues and address organizational matters vital to our collective mission.

*AGM is exclusive to members.


Communities & families

New Westminster families benefit from new child care centre | BC Gov News

A new community center in New Westminster called the təməsew̓txʷ Aquatic and Community Centre has opened a new child care center called Sea Otter YMCA Club, offering 37 licensed child care spaces for infants, toddlers, and children between three and five years old. The center received over $3 million in provincial funding through the ChildCareBC New Spaces Fund. The initiative aims to provide affordable and quality child care for families in New Westminster, supporting the well-being of children and communities. This center is part of the Province’s goal to create more than 37,000 new licensed child care spaces throughout B.C. since 2018.



National Indigenous History Month

June is National Indigenous History Month in Canada, an opportunity to learn about the unique cultures, traditions and experiences of First Nations, Inuit and Métis. It’s a time to honour the stories, achievements and resilience of Indigenous Peoples, who have lived on this land since time immemorial and whose presence continues to impact the evolving Canada.



Kwadacha Chief and Council declare state of emergency as community faces “deplorable housing conditions” | CKPG Today

Kwadacha Chief and Council have declared a state of emergency as the remote community of Fort Ware faces a housing crisis with deplorable living conditions. The community has been affected by poor living conditions since the flooding of their traditional territory in the 1960s, leading to a sedentary life and intergenerational suffering. The current housing conditions include mould, overcrowding, structural issues, and inadequate protection from the elements, contributing to mental health and addiction issues, suicide, crime, and the need for increased child protection interventions.


Children & youth

Minister’s statement on Pride 2024 in K-12 education | BC Gov News

Minister Rachna Singh released a statement in celebration of Pride 2024 and the 2SLGBTQIA+ community in B.C.’s education system. The statement emphasizes the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equality in K-12 education and reaffirms the commitment to ensuring all students, staff, and families feel welcome, safe, and included. It addresses the ongoing discrimination, harassment, and intimidation faced by the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and stresses the need for safe, caring, and inclusive school environments. The statement encourages understanding, acceptance, and mutual respect for all individuals and cultural groups to create more inclusive and equitable school communities.


Homelessness & housing

Does a BC Break for Landlords Go Too Far? | The Tyee

Tenants argue that the process is unfair and biased towards landlords, while landlords contend it must cover rising maintenance expenses. The policy allows landlords to apply for rent increases beyond the usual limits, leading to concerns about escalating rents and affordability for tenants. Despite criticism, the government has no plans to change the policy, citing the need to balance renovations with rental affordability.


Good news

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