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June 04, 2024

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Table of contents

  • Highlights
  • Communities & families
  • Conferences & events
  • Health & mental health
  • Training opportunities
  • Children & youth
  • Reconciliation
  • Homelessness & housing
  • Toxic drugs
  • Good news


Complimentary Access to Online Labour Relations Courses Now Available | CSSEA | FCSSBC

Members of CSSEA can now enjoy one year of complimentary access to Labour Relations courses on the MyLeadershipHub online platform, thanks to funding from the Federation of Social Services of BC. The free access includes seven modules developed by CSSEA staff in partnership with the EQ Development Group and is limited to these specific courses. Employers are encouraged to have new hires, and existing staff in leadership roles complete these courses, and certificates of completion will be provided. To access these resources, individuals can sign up for basic membership on the CSSEA website.


Communities & families

Ageing Matters: Listening to B.C. Seniors | Seniors Advocate

The “Ageing Matters” report highlights the challenges B.C. seniors face on fixed incomes due to the high cost of living. It is based on input from Seniors Advocate Dan Levitt’s “listening tour,” during which he met with seniors and stakeholders to understand their concerns and gather suggestions for improvement.



June 2024: Current & Emerging Issues Conference and AGM

Presented by the Federation Association Benefit Plan

osoyoos conference visual identity: people with their hands in the air connecting with each other in a desert-y background | design by estella lum

Our June (13 and 14, 2024) conference is designed to tackle the pressing issues that matter most to our members. Based on feedback from our members, we’ve tailored the agenda to cover current trends and emerging topics. The Federation AGM*, on the final morning, ensures we discuss these crucial issues and address organizational matters vital to our collective mission. Today is the last day to register!

*AGM is exclusive to members.

Health & mental health

Advisor appointed to improve care for people with complex mental-health, addiction challenges | BC Gov News

The Province of British Columbia has appointed Dr. Daniel Vigo as the chief scientific advisor for psychiatry, toxic drugs, and concurrent disorders to improve care for individuals with complex mental-health, addiction challenges, and brain injuries from toxic-drug poisonings. Dr. Vigo will work across disciplines to develop solutions and improve care for this group of patients. The appointment aims to address the challenges faced by individuals with overlapping mental-health and addiction issues, brain injuries, and repeated health emergencies. The goal is to provide better care, support, and housing for this specific group of people. The initiative aligns with the Province’s strategy to address the toxic-drug crisis and expand access to mental-health and addictions care, including early intervention, treatment, recovery services, and harm reduction.


Training opportunities

Children & youth

New, accessible school playgrounds open for students | BC Gov News

The Government of British Columbia has allocated significant funding for the construction of new, accessible playgrounds in school districts across the province. These playgrounds are designed to promote physical activity, teach social skills, and be inclusive for children of all abilities. The ongoing investment in playgrounds has received positive feedback from officials, emphasizing the importance of outdoor play spaces in a child’s growth and the benefits they bring to communities. This initiative is part of a larger budget allocation for school capital projects, demonstrating the government’s commitment to creating positive learning and play environments for students.



Community funding supports Indigenous-led solutions to violence | BC Gov News

The new funding for B.C.’s Path Forward Community Fund aims to support Indigenous-led solutions to violence against women, girls, and 2SLGBTQIA+ people. The $5 million in new funding, part of the National Plan to End Gender-based Violence, adds to the $15.84 million invested in the fund since 2022. Managed by the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres, the fund has financed 51 Indigenous-led community projects to date. Additionally, the Province has released its 2024 status update to A Path Forward, outlining the progress in addressing the systemic causes of violence against Indigenous women, girls, and 2SLGBTQIA+ people in B.C. Key actions include the Anti-Racism Act and the Gender-Based Violence Action Plan, demonstrating the Province’s determination to end violence against Indigenous people.


Homelessness & housing

Social housing fire in Vancouver’s West End; 2 sent to hospital | CTV News

A man is in critical condition after a fire broke out in a social housing building in Vancouver’s West End. The fire started in a suite on the 15th floor of the Sunset Tower. Forty-eight firefighters responded to the second-alarm blaze. The fire was extinguished quickly, but one person suffered from burns and smoke inhalation. Additionally, one woman is undergoing testing for smoke inhalation. There are no sprinklers in the building, and five units were affected, displacing roughly a dozen people. The cause of the fire is under investigation.


Toxic drugs

Patient went to ER 180 times, says Eby, as he names science adviser on drug crisis | The Canadian Press

B.C. recently appointed Dr. Daniel Vigo as its first chief scientific adviser for psychiatry, toxic drugs, and concurrent disorders. They aim to improve care for individuals dealing with complex mental health and addiction challenges. The appointment comes in response to the growing crisis of individuals with overlapping health and addiction issues, particularly in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, with one person having made 180 hospital visits in a year. The province aims to address the needs of this group by analyzing existing mental health and addiction services and implementing new approaches based on evidence and best practices. This initiative will involve collaboration with health authorities, Indigenous partners, and individuals with lived experience to ensure that these individuals receive the necessary support while promoting community safety and health.


Good news

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