Métis Nation British Columbia and The Federation of Community Social Services of BC announce new collaborative partnership


For Immediate Release
June 23, 2017

Métis Nation British Columbia and The Federation of Community Social Services of BC
announce new collaborative partnership

PENTICTON, BC — Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) and The Federation of Community Social Services of BC (The Federation) are excited to announce the creation of a new partnership that will help ensure the effective advocacy, service delivery, and development of preventative services for Métis people in British Columbia.

MNBC and The Federation have committed to strengthening advocacy efforts on behalf of Métis children and families in order to improve the well-being and preservation of those families. This collaborative working relationship will support the development of culturally grounded programs and services for Métis children and families throughout BC while recognizing the rights and responsibility MNBC has for the well-being of their community members.

“As Minister of Children and Families for Métis Nation British Columbia, I am concerned about the overrepresentation of our children in the foster care system,” says MNBC Minister of Children and Families, Daniel Pitman. “I want these numbers reduced. I want to see our children connected to their family, our people, our community, and our Nation. Our partnership with The Federation focuses on furthering a distinction-based approach to Métis children and family services. We are excited to work with The Federation of Community Social Services Society and their extensive network to bring our children back home and to keep them with our people.”

“The Federation is committed to reconciliation and has embraced the notion of reconciliation as a continuous way of being,” says Federation Executive Director Rick FitzZaland. “Today, I am proud of the beautiful spirit of caring and justice that has breathed life into this agreement and I am thankful for the leadership shown by the MNBC Board of Directors and The Federation Board in realizing the promise of working together in service of Métis children and families”

By signing this agreement MNBC and The Federation commit to supporting a distinction-based approach to the development of a service delivery system for Métis children and families in BC.

Additional Quotes
“MNBC is committed to keeping our Métis families together. It is important that we as Métis look after the best interests of our Métis children,” says MNBC President Clara Morin Dal Col. “Our goal is to strengthen our communities and our service providers so that we have Métis people protecting the interests of our Métis Children & Families. They are the heart of our Nation. This new agreement with The Federation will help us in fulfilling our commitment to Métis families and children.”

“The Federation believes social services support should be driven by community strengths and knowledge,” says Federation President David Young. “We are excited about this new agreement and we are proud to formalize our support of MNBC in their advocacy efforts on behalf of Métis children and families.”

About Métis Nation British Columbia
The Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) represents nearly 70,000 self-identified Métis people in British Columbia, of that, over 16,000 are provincially registered Métis Citizens with MNBC. Recognized by the Métis National Council, the Provincial Government of British Columbia and the Federal Government of Canada, the Métis Nation British Columbia is the official governing body of the Métis in BC.

About The Federation
The Federation of Community Social Services of BC represents more than 130 member agencies serving over 250 communities across BC both on and off recognized First Nations territories. Our members provide more than 50 different service and program areas to people of all ages, employ more than 6000 British Columbians, and represent over $500 million of community investment in BC’s social service sector.

For more information contact or to arrange interviews contact:

Tracey Thornhill
MNBC Executive Assistant & Communications Officer

Rick FitzZaland
Federation Executive Director