Read The Federation’s 2016-17 Annual Report

The Federation’s mission is to be a catalyst for positive change to British Columbia’s social policies and community programs. This year’s Annual Report reflects that goal and details the many ways we have been working toward it.

You can read about initiatives and activities focused on influencing social policy development including our tireless work to increase community engagement in policy planning and development.

You can learn about the new partnerships The Federation has formalized and map our growing network of allies collaborating with us on social change.

You can get updated on Leadership 2020—The Federation’s custom-build leadership development program—and read about the different program offerings available to you (as well as the amazing ranks of guest speakers that make the program stand out).

You can also review our efforts to “live into reconciliation” and read about our intentions, our approach, and our goals for the future.

The report also welcomes the new Federation members who have joined us in working toward our vision of a society of strong, healthy individuals and families, and caring, inclusive communities strengthened by comprehensive, responsive, high-quality supports and services.

You can view and download The Federation’s 2016-17 Annual Report (as well as previous Annual Reports) here. If you have any questions about the report or our work over the past year, do not hesitate to contact me.