Project updates: MCFD policies, innovation, and funding guide template

Day in and day out, The Federation staff team focuses on a number of projects, initiatives, requests, and organizational goals. We bring forward issues and concerns, as well as possible solutions, to policy makers and politicians on behalf of our members. We are in constant contact with partners and allies in order to better engage in collaborative action—to work together to overcome challenges and seek improvements in practice, programs, and public policy in BC.

For that reason, this week’s email will update you about a number of ongoing projects we have been working on. If you have any questions about these initiatives, please let me know. You can call or email me at any time or reach out next Friday, December 16 for my next dedicated “office hours” for Federation members.

1: MCFD Caregiver Screening Policy

The MCFD Caregiver Screening Policy was implemented two years ago. Since then, a number of our members have faced challenges implementing the new standards. We have been working closely with MCFD to provide feedback from community organizations and to help the ministry identify red flags and solve key problems.

Last month, we held a webinar with MCFD so members could provide additional feedback about their struggles and the issues they face when trying to comply with the new policy. As a result of this ongoing feedback, MCFD will be making a few policy changes to address some of the problems faced by agencies with contracted residential services. We will also continue to work with MCFD to address issues around access to criminal record checks under these new standards.

2: CLBC Funding Guide Template 

We have been working closely with the CEO Network and PARCA to help inform Community Living BC’s review of the funding guide template. Together, we have presented a well-researched and evidence-supported proposal outlining some alternate options for changes CLBC has been considering.

Throughout this process, we believe CLBC leadership has remained open to alternatives proposed by the sector. We are currently awaiting their response to our proposal and will keep you posted on this work as it unfolds.

3. Sustainability and Innovation Roundtable

This initiative brought together the community sector and government in order to explore new ways of working together. A number of small pilot projects took place over the past year which helped us better understand what roles government, community, and business should play when it comes to innovation.

We believe, and past experiences suggest, that social innovation must be led by community and take place in community. Government has an important role to play and needs to be at the table to address barriers and help create space for social innovation. The public and the business sector must also be involved to share their knowledge, tools, and experiences.

Moving forward, a group of community organizations (including The Federation) is currently taking what we have learned and mapping some new ways for the sector and the government to facilitate innovative tools, processes, and procedures. Our goal remains the same: to build stronger and more supportive connections between the sector, government, and the public in order to influence social policy, strengthen community programs, and better serve the people of our province.

If there are any other Federation projects or initiatives you would like an update on, please call or email me. I’d be more than happy to answer your questions.