‘Refilling Your Basket’ – Register For Our June Networking Event

Each year, The Federation’s June conferences are an opportunity to examine current and emerging issues—the things that you, our members, tell us you want to hear and learn more about. But after 15 solid months of working through a chaotic pandemic in which we have often lacked control and understanding, one thing many of us need to focus on is depleted energy levels.

That’s why the theme of The Federation’s Virtual June event is Refilling Your Basket. It is a networking event focused on stories and practices and activities (and prizes) that we hope will help to restore and inspire you and your colleagues. The Federation team has designed this afternoon with intention—a few hours of connection and care—so that it will create and restore energy rather than consume it.

What to Expect

The past dozen months have been a year like no other. Not just because of the pandemic or because of the social upheaval, but because of the way this sector of committed and compassionate people came together to build a stronger, more sustainable, more caring place for all of us to live. This event is striving to embody that spirit.

On Wednesday, June 23 from 12:30 to 5:00 PM (PST), we will celebrate our accomplishments, share stories of compassion and commitment, and create moments of joy and surprise and delight—refilling your baskets with restorative energy and inspiration.

  • Dr. Dustin Louie, the instructor of The Federation’s Transformative Reconciliation program will host our opening ceremony and introduce our theme of restoration.
  • Stories from the sector will celebrate and honour the amazing things we have accomplished and created and learned throughout the pandemic.
  • A virtual treasure hunt will create opportunities to connect with colleagues and give you the chance to win PRIZES.
  • Breakout rooms hosted by Federation members will share new and promising practices, honour the work of colleagues, harvest knowledge and insights that have helped people get through the past year, and host fun games.
  • And more!!

Register Now

Registration for the June Virtual Event is open now on The Federation website. The event will take place online using Zoom. You can also view and download a PDF copy of the full agenda and schedule for the afternoon on the event web page.
And even though you may not be travelling to this year’s June event, The Federation’s Travel Subsidy is still available to help offset the costs of participation for Federation members (especially smaller, remote, and Indigenous organizations). The application form [PDF] is available here. For more information, please contact The Federation office.

Thank You

Thank you to Schmunk Gatt Smith & Associates and FortisBC for sponsoring this event to ensure that Federation members can participate at a low cost. Both Schmunk Gatt Smith & Associates and FortisBC will host breakout rooms where they will share information about their programs and offerings for organizations and/or low-income families.

And many, many thanks to you, our members, for ensuring that your programs and services continued to operate in the spirit with which they were created throughout these truly challenging times. Thank you for going above and beyond during an unprecedented crisis. And thank you for your patience and compassion and creativity—for living into what altogether better is all about. I look forward to seeing you all (online) in June.

Rick FitzZaland
Executive Director