Weekly Update Blog

In a fast-paced sector constantly changing, our members need regular information and updates on policy changes, government priorities, research, and program updates. That’s why our Executive Director posts a sector update each week for all of our members. Those posts appear here the following week.

Celebrate BC Child and Youth in Care Week

The Federation is a proud member of the BC Youth in Care Advisory Committee and we are excited to help raise awareness about BC Child and Youth in Care Week taking place June 4–10, 2018. Proclaimed by the province of British Columbia in 2011, BC Child and Youth in Care Week is a time for people in communities […]

Updated MCFD Caregiver Screening Policy

In December 2014, MCFD implemented a new caregiver screening policy. Since then, a number of Federation members faced challenges implementing the new requirements and, over the past three years, we have been working closely with MCFD to provide feedback from community organizations and to help the ministry identify red flags and solve some of the […]

The benefits of partnerships: Federation Insurance Products

The Federation believes that in order to be strong and sustainable, BC’s community social services sector must have access to high quality and affordable insurance products. That’s one big reason why our member agencies have access to a suite of comprehensive and reliable insurance programs and services at a competitive cost. We take a lot of […]

Award for Excellence Nominations 

Last week, I spoke about the Federation’s Youth Education Bursary and the way that it serves to welcome young people into our sector and our work. Today, I want to talk about our Award for Excellence and the related purpose it serves—recognizing and thanking the people who have stayed in the sector and committed their […]

BC’s new Employer Health Tax

One of the big changes revealed in the BC budget speech a few weeks ago was the announcement of a new progressive tax that will replace MSP premiums in our province. The BC Employers Health Tax, as it will be called, is slated to come into effect in January 2019. We know there are already many […]

Federation Champions: Supporting each other

As we were getting ready for February’s Social Policy Forum in Victoria, we came up with a simple new idea that we thought might help keep our provincial events affordable and accessible for our small- and medium-sized members. The Federation is constantly striving to support our members, but we wanted to test out a simple, […]

Youth Education Bursary: Supporting youth in care

As many of you know, The Federation’s Youth Education Bursary was an initiative that was actually established by Federation members. But you may not know that its creation was inspired by two different, but related intentions. The first (rather obvious) goal was to support young people in care—in particular, to offer them a “yes” in what is […]

Budgets, Issues, and Action Plans

There’s a lot going on in BC and at The Federation this week so my weekly update will cover a few different topics: this week’s provincial budget, the next steps after our 2018 Social Policy Forum, and ongoing peer support and learning opportunities for Federation members and their staff. 1. Social Policy Forum Recap and […]

Research Bulletin February 2018: Sustainable Community Social Services

This month’s research bulletin is the final collection in preparation of The Federation’s 2018 Social Policy Forum. As such, the reports and analysis below contain research, information, and ideas about strengthening, supporting, and re-imagining the future of community social service delivery and the social care sector. Reports from Canada and the UK examine: the impact of […]

A time for thanks and for looking forward

It’s that time of year when we focus on what matters most to us and when we reflect on where we’ve come from and where we want to go in the months ahead. I expect 2018 will be a very busy year in which The Federation builds on new opportunities, strengthens relationships, and works even […]