Weekly Update Blog

In a fast-paced sector constantly changing, our members need regular information and updates on policy changes, government priorities, research, and program updates. That’s why our Executive Director posts a sector update each week for all of our members. Those posts appear here the following week.

The Research to Practice Network: A long-term study on street-Involved youth

In November, I had the privilege of announcing the return of The Federation’s Research to Practice Network. Now, six months later, we are excited to begin sharing the articles and summaries that have been contributed by our Associate Members, post-secondaries, and other research bodies. “I feel like I’ve really grown up” The first article, by a […]

Poverty Reduction in BC

Last week, the BC government released a report called What We Heard About Poverty in BC. It reflects the feedback collected from thousands of people across the province who participated in the poverty reduction consultations over the past year. Those people brought forward a wide range of experiences, ideas, opinions, comments, and suggestions about how […]

Statement: Appointment of BC’s next Representative for Children and Youth

Earlier today, an all-party special committee of BC’s Legislative Assembly unanimously recommended that Jennifer Charlesworth be appointed as British Columbia’s next Representative for Childen and Youth. The Federation has released a statement that can be read below. (A PDF version of the statement can be downloaded here.)   Statement: Appointment of BC’s next Representative for […]

Announcing the Apprentice Circle

For as long as I have held this role, The Federation has always understood the value of trying new things. It’s how we approach many of our programs and services—our conferences, or member engagement, our research, and our leadership development program: Leadership 2020. This open-minded, innovative approach to our work is what led to the […]

Research Bulletin July 2018: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma-Informed Care

This month’s bulletin focuses on research, reports, and evaluations related to trauma-informed care, adverse childhood experiences, and the implementation of trauma-informed approaches to care. The first two reports are companion pieces—the first looks at the significant impact of a system-wide implementation of trauma-informed care and the second is an evaluation of the implementation process itself. Also included is research […]

The Federation’s 2018 Annual Report

The past year was a very eventful and very significant one for The Federation. We began the year preparing for an important provincial election—partnering with Federation members on a series of editorials, creating a ‘get out the vote’ campaign with our partners, and meeting with parties and candidates. Then, in what seemed like no time, we shifted gears and began building and managing our […]

Introducing the Reconciliation Book Club

Next week at our June Conference in Penticton, we will be honouring National Aboriginal Day with the launch of The Federation’s Reconciliation Book Club! Many of our members have expressed that reading works by Indigenous authors has been one of the best ways to enhance their knowledge and inspire the courage to act and make change. […]

Editorial on BC’s residential resources for youth in care

This week, Bernard Richard shared his worries about what he describes as a “lack of appropriate ministry oversight” when it comes to staffed residential resources. In response, Minister Conroy has ordered a review of more than 800 children living in contracted agency homes in BC. The Federation has been engaging with the media and contributing to the public discourse. Our Executive […]

Last chance to register for the June Conference in Penticton

When you renewed your membership in March, we asked you to share information about the kinds of services you deliver. This information helps us coordinate our advocacy efforts, helps us target communications and requests for information, and it also helps us plan our three annual conferences. The Federation’s next conference is just two weeks away and we’re […]

Research Bulletin May 2018: Mental Health And Addictions

This month’s research bulletin focuses on research and analysis related to mental health and addictions and collects resources from Canada and Australia. In both countries, these issues are top of mind for politicians, researchers, and front-line practitioners. The reports and summaries listed below discuss promising practices related to housing people with mental health and addiction […]